ISCC EU - International Sustainable and Carbon Certification has been approved by the European Committee as one of internationally recognizable voluntary schemes for the certification of biofuel sustainability.

Biomass (rapeseed oil) is one of the main sources of sustainable energy. Its potential lies in the impact of climatic changes and reducing the dependence on crude oil. By using biofuel the emission of greenhouse gases is reduced and in comparison with traditional fossil fuels the biofuels show better biological degradability.

GMP+ “Good Manufacture Practice“ – is one of the systems that shall increase the safety of feed. It lies in creating documentation for the activity that is carried out – i.e. good manufacture practice and a voluntary obligation of the production plant that it shall carry out the production according to this standard so that the manufactured products would be safe for animals, people and the environment. The highest degree of the safety system is the GMP+ certification when an independent certification authority after a check-up issues a certificate confirming that the production plant obliged itself to comply with all conditions of GMP+ and meets these conditions.