Rapeseed oil for feeding is obtained by pressing rapeseed (from the second pressing) and subsequent filtration. The oil contains approximately 58% oleic acid (omega 9), 20% linoleic acid (omega 6) and 8-12% alpha-linolenic acid (omega 3). The phosphorus content is not higher than 300 mg/kg. Rapeseed oil for feeding purposes complies with the Decree of the Ministry of Agriculture No. 295/2015 Coll., which implements Act No. 91/1996 Coll. on feed in a valid and effective wording and is manufactured in accordance with the GMP + B2 certified standard. The quality of the oil must at the same time comply with the Seller’s Quality Specification of 14 March 2018, as amended.

The product is designed for direct feeding or for the production of compound feeds.