We buy rape plant seed (Brassica napus L.var. napus) intended for oil production. The rape plant seed must be healthy, ripe, without pests and any adventitious smell. The rape plant seed for processing products for human nutriment must not be chemically preserved. It must not contain seeds going mouldy or mouldy seeds. The quality is governed by internal specification of requirements concerning rape plant. For trading in rape plant seed we rely on the basic percentage of fat of 40% with the degree of humidity of the seed of 8%. The rape plant seed contains not more than 2.0% of erucic acid and 18 micromoles of glucosinolate in 1 g of nonfat dry matter.

Basi tradable quality:

-  Humidity: max. 8,0 %,
-  Dirt: max. 2,0 %,
-  Covered and damaged seed: max. 2,0 %,
-  Fat rate for the humidity of seed of 8 %: min. 40,0 %.

Other indicators of quality according to which the quality of rape plant seed is assessed are mentioned in the ČSN 46 1300-1 and ČSN 46 23 00 standards. Details of dirt are mentioned in the ČSN 46 23 00-2 standard. The rape plant seed that does not comply witht the values of quality indicators for the basic quality is tradable based on a mutual agreement on the price. The rape plant seed is tested pursuant to the ČSN 46 1011-1 to 29 standards.

The rape plant seed is purchased with the ISCC (International Sustainability et Carbon Certification) certificate.

The rape plant seed are Non GMO as per EU regulations 1829/2003 + 1830/2003.

Rape plant price list

  Kč / t Eur / t Indicative quantity Parity
Rapeseed (harvest 2023) 11300,- 455,65 1000 t DAP Kolín

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