Expellers are a by-product of rape seed pressing. Most often it is used as feed ingredient because it contains a high rate of nitrogen compounds and also a high rate of fat that is highly valued with respect to both protein and energy. Rape plant expellers are a suitable feed for cattle in the pome component of feeding ration – for calves 10%, for breeding 20%, for milk cows and fattening bulls about 30%. For porkers except for piglets it is possible to use it up to 15% of the total feeding ration, for fattening poultry the percentage is 5 – 15% of the total feeding ration. Rape plant expellers are Non GMO as per EU regulations 1829/2003 + 1830/2003.

The rape plant expeller production is GMP+ B2 certified for the production of feed ingredients. GMP+ (good manufacturing practice) is a model of a system of good manufacturing practice based on the principles of standards of the ISO 9000 series and HACCP that is to set rules for the whole process of feed ingredients production.