The fuel is (power-producing) biomass processed by pelletization – especially power-producing herbs and fast growing woody plants.
Requirement for biomass:

  • The composition of pellets must comply with Regulation 477/2012 Coll., and with technical requirements of the BIOENERGO – KOMPLEX company:
    • Cathegory O1 – pellets manufactured from purposefully grown crop plants that are to be used primarily for energy production. It is biomass classified in Cathegory O1 c) of Annex No. 1 of Regulation 477/2012 Coll. As of 1.1.2014 the biomass for the production of pellets must be grown only in specified areas of land in the Czech Republic proving this condition pursuant to Annex 3 of Regulation 477/2012 Coll.
    • Cathegory O2 – pellets manufactured from plant ingredients as straw from rape plant or sunflower, spoiled seed of oil plants. It is biomass classified in Cathegory O2 s), namely in group a), b), c), d), e), l).
  • Quality – according to the below mentioned qualitative properties:
    • Percentage of water: 5 – 11 %,
    • Heating value: 15 - 19 GJ/t,
    • Percentage of ash in the original sample: 3 - 9 %,
    • Percentage of dust ingredient: max. 10 %,
    • Size of pellets: at least 8 mm and max. 12 mm in diameter, length not exceeding 50 mm.
  • With respect to extensive handling of biomass on transport routes, we emphasize the durability of pellets with a low rate of crumbling away up to the maximum of 10%.
  • Legal responsibility: the supplier must present with the invoiced supply also a copy of the Declaration of the manufacturer or supplier of fuel made of biomass, Part A) Annex No. 3 to Regulation No. 477/2012 Sb.
  • Amount: the required quantity is 100 – 125 MT a day.

Logistic possibilities: Biomass may be transported by lorries with the possibility of unloading the supply from the back (drop system or delivery system) and/or by self-discharge WAP wagons on railroad siding into the premises of the production plant.

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