It is crude rapeseed oil processed only by MECHANICAL FILTRATION WITHOUT ANY REFINING or other treatment. For the use in food industry only the oil from the first pressing state at low temperatures about 40 °C is used. The BIOENERGO – KOMPLEX rapeseed oil for food industry is COLD-PRESSED oil. The oil is clear, gold-yellow and smells of the source material.

The oil may be supplied to wholesale customer in tanks, 1,000 litre or 580 litre containers or in commercial packing, i.e. in plastic bottles of 1 litre, in plastic jerry cans of 5 and 10 litres. The minimum shelf life of oil stored in the recommended way is 12 months from the date of bottling. The commercial packing is filled with oil always immediately after pressing and laboratory testing.

Rapeseed oil for food industry Price list (when buying 25 t)

  Kč / l Eur / l
Rapeseed oil for food industry 22,84 0,91